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FAQs - Dormant

When a trading account is termed as “Dormant”?
  The accounts fulfilling the below mentioned conditions are termed as Dormant accounts:

Equity trading account: An equity trading account in which no purchase/sale transaction has been carried out in last 2 years.

Commodity trading account: A commodity trading account in which no transaction has taken place from last 6 months.
How can I request for reactivation of my dormant account?
  For equity trading accounts:

You may apply through any one mode as mentioned below to get your dormant account re-activated.
  • Customer Care Desk: You may reactivate your equity trading account executing any one of the following procedure:
    • Telephonic request at the customer care number (1860‐25‐88888) from the registered-number in RBL records,
    • Sending an email from your registered e‐mail address as per RBL records to the customer care team at wecare@religareonline.com
    • By sending SMS text through your registered mobile. Illustrated below:
      Type Activate (Space) ‘Client Code’ and send it to 575758
      For Ex: ACTIVATE AB123 send it to 575758
  • At our Branch: You may download and submit duly filled reactivation request letter at the branch along with Self‐attested ID Proof like PAN card copy.

    The form is available @ www.religareonline.com/downloads/equitydownload.aspx
For commodity trading account:

In order to re-activate your commodity trading account, you are requested to fill and submit the hard copy of the “Re-activation form RCL” at any of the nearest Religare branch.
The form is available @ www.religareonline.com/Downloads/CommodityDownload.aspx 
What happen to my depository account when it becomes dormant? Can I transact without submission of any document in depository account?
  A depository account in which no transaction has taken place from last 6 months will be termed as dormant depository account. You can transact without any additional documentation or reactivation request, however during transaction the depository officer will obtain independent confirmation from you duly verifying your credentials before processing your instructions.
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