21 Mar 2019 | 11:57 PM
Existing Customer

FAQs - Linking of Bank / Demat Account

What does linking or registering bank and /or demat account signify?
  In order to ensure funds and securities settlement with trading account, customer shall require to register /link his/her bank and depository account.

Linked / Register bank/depository account signify that broker can accept / transfer funds/securities only from these mentioned account from / to the customer.
How will I know which bank / demat account is linked with my trading account?
  You will receive the list of linked bank/demat account along with welcome kit. Further you can add multiple accounts also as per your convenience.
Can I give instruction to add/ remove my bank or demat account with my trading account?
  Yes, you can give instruction to add or block linked/registered bank/demat account.
Can I link or register multiple bank and demat account with my trading account?
  Yes, you can opt for multiple bank / demat account by submitting written request and relevant supporting documents.
What if I wish to receive funds in one bank account and pay from multiple bank accounts?
  Yes, you can opt for multiple registration of bank account with your trading account and during withdrawal you can select any one of the registered bank account.
What is the meaning of default demat account?
  A default demat account is first chosen demat account wherein securities gets transfer from broker will be executed.
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