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FAQs - Trade Reports / Contract Notes

What are the different trade reports provided by broker?
  You may login to your online trading portal and can verify your trade details with in the following available reports:
  • Net Position
  • Margin report
  • Stock report
  • Fund status
  • MTM on open position
  • Trading messages
In addition to the above, you can also access multiple back office reports so that you can track all your trade summary/ details.
How can I track profit / loss in various scrips traded by me?
  You can view your scrip wise net position available in back office reports to verify the scrip wise profit/loss incurred during trading.
How can I track and verify my holdings in my trading account?
  You can verify the same either by login to back office and selecting the stock status reports.
How can I check my outstanding positions, Bills, Ledger?
  You can verify the same either by login to back office and selecting the relevant required reports.
What is a contract note? When and how I will receive the same?
  A contract note is a confirmation of trade(s) done on a particular day for and on behalf of a client.

You will receive the same electronically if you have registered your email ID within 24 business hours of your trading.

If you have opted for physical contract note, you will receive the same at your registered address through available post services.
How can I place a request for duplicate contract notes if required by my Chartered accountant? Is it chargeable?
  Yes, you can place your request for duplicate contract notes one time within 2 years of trading. We don’t charge anything for issuance of duplicate contract notes.
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