20 Jun 2019 | 3:47 PM


Coal ministry raises attention to help private coal operators increase production
Published on 04-09-2019
The coal ministry has decided to give attention to private captive coal operators to increase output that has frequently failed to meet targets.

Coal India has been struggling to meet the nation’s demand for coal. It has been facing a issues in terms of operating their blocks and need help to expedite the process so that production from this segment rises at a faster pace.

As per the report captive blocks have suffered due to delay in land acquisition and various clearances as well as issues such as rehabilitation and resettlement.

In financial year 2019 captive mines produced an estimated 33 million tonnes. In the previous years and they produced about 36 million tonnes including 18 million tonnes by Sasan Power Ltd and 6.2 million tonnes by Tata Steel.