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22 Jan 2017 | 2:39 AM

POWER FnO gets integrated with trading platform to provide high quality information, visuals, heat map, alerts and market data to help traders find the right opportunities in this fast moving market

Discover price trends every 15 minutes through Power FnO.

Power FnO brings you 15-minute built up screen for every contract to spot price trends at ease. After first hour of trading session, look at Built-up, number of Fresh contracts, SquareOff contracts and TradedContracts (total volume).

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Spot price trends

First hour of the day

Look at Long Built Up trend for indication. This usually happens with sustained fresh contracts, sharp price rise and high volume. This is good time in the day to take positions.

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Mid-day & Fag End

At fag end of the day, look at the Built Up trend in the middle of the day with total volume. Due to Short Built Up with low relative volume after Long Built Up, usually SquareOff contracts get covered towards the end of the day

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Spot BTST Opportunity

If you find sustained Long Built Up (especially after 2:30 PM) and sudden spurt in TradedContracts, it means traders are buying up for delivery positions and stock is likely to go up the next day.

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Chart Trading

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Be the dynamic trader. Explore a new strategy that you can call your own. Each time! Anytime!

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A quick sense of activity in each sector.

Bird’s eye view with real-time trend basis average % change in parameters that matter to you.

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Heatmap is the final place to go when you want to track down potential trades.

Get real-time view of the Built Up happening in the market for all the scrips. You may also funnel down to certain stocks using an array of different VIEW and SECTOR from the Heatmap e.g. Selecting OI (Open Interest) view sorts the heatmap according to OI.

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Gain time with our curated alerts because these are only news which you should use.

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