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24 Aug 2017 | 11:38 AM

Trade international equity with Religare !

Why think only local share when you can invest globally
Today an Indian investor can tap into the varied investment opportunities that the global markets have to offer; whether it is investing in various country indices, participating in profits of global brands or tapping into sectors not available in India. As global financial markets become increasingly linked, investors chase global funds flow to maximize portfolio gains. A globally spread portfolio allows an investor to effectively diversify away risks and volatility related to a single country.

Religare introduces a unique opportunity for investors to tap into this opportunity by directly participating in the global stocks. Religare presents the Mubasher* DUTrade platform which provides access to 35+ markets, multiple instruments, through one easy to use top of the online platform.
International Equity Trading - Religare Online
Widen your investment horizon
Wider investment horizon
Invest in globally recognized brands, biggest companies in the world and sectors which are underrepresented in the domestic markets.

Global market
Diversify portfolio
Financial market performance is highly linked with rotation of hot money across markets. Diversifying one’s portfolio globally provides a natural hedge to any sentiment based fund flows.
ETFs provide unparalleled access
The wide variety of ETFs available in the US markets let an investor participate in global indices,Short and long investment, global sectors etc.

List of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

Country ETFs

Developed ex-US markets


iShares MSCI Australia Index


iShares MSCI Canada Index


iShares MSCI German Index



Emerging markets


iShares MSCI Brazil Index


iShares FTSE/Xinhua China 25 Index


iShares MSCI Hong Kong Index

Hong Kong

iShares MSCI Mexico Index


iShares MSCI Philippines Index


Market Vectors Russia ETF


iShares MSCI Singapore Index


iShares MSCI Malaysia Index


iShares MSCI South Korea Index

South Korea

iShares MSCI Taiwan Index


Tap into global trends
Global fund flows are constantly changing and intelligent investors are following the trends and investing in regions which are in current global flavor to maximize returns.

Global Fund Returns Trend
Attractive valuations
Market indices of US, Russia, Korea, China etc. provide attractive valuations and provide a great opportunity for long term value investors.
International Market Cap Rankings*


Mkt. Cap ($Bn)

  US (Dow Jones)


  UK (FTSE100)


  China (SSEA)


  Japan (Nikkei)


  Australia (All Ordinary)


  France (CAC40)


  Germany (DAX)


  Brazil (Bovespa)


  Russia (MCX)


  India (SENSEX)


International Market valuations*


P/E (1 Yr. fwd)

  India (Sensex)


  USA (Dow Jones)


  UK (FTSE100)


  China (SSEA)


  Brazil (Bovespa)


  Russia (MCX)


  France (CAC40)


  Hong Kong (Hang Seng)


  South Korea (Kospi)


* All data as of Friday Sept 7th, 2012. Source: Mint

Varied risk profiles
Investors can chose from a large variety of risk return profiles from low risk low return developed markets like US, UK etc. to high risk high return emerging markets like China, Russia, Mexico etc.

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