26 May 2018 | 3:08 AM

Commodity Research Reports

Daily | 25 May 2018 | 10:26 AM
Daily | 25 May 2018 | 09:58 AM
Highlights: • Agri markets traded with high volatility but failed to take any clear direction as of now. • Good monsoon reports limited the upside while rising export and domestic demand amidst falling arrivals supported the prices at these lower levels after the recent fall. • All eyes are on IMD for further forecasts of sectoral distribution of rains. Any deficiencies in the North-West / Central regions of India could prove bullish for the markets. Also, as the rains reach the Andaman, any declarations by the IMD of Monsoon finally arriving could lead to start of the Monsoon session in the Indian sub-continent. Further price movements will be determined by its progress throughout the rest of India in coming weeks. • Reports of raising MSP (minimum support price) for crops too could lens some support to the prices in the short term.
Daily | 24 May 2018 | 11:06 AM
Highlights: • A mixed trend was noted for most agri commodities as no strong 1-sided movements were recorded. With good monsoon reports pressurizing prices, the current lower levels are keeping further downtrend limited. • Again, as export and domestic demand start rising from here, traders expect the near term trend to remain very volatile. • All eyes will again be on the IMD report regarding the expected sectoral distribution of rains. Prospects of rains in the main agricultural growing areas of North-West and Central India would be duly noted. Any deficiencies in these “main” growing areas could lead to recovery in prices even as overall monsoon remains normal.
Daily | 24 May 2018 | 10:25 AM
Daily | 23 May 2018 | 10:27 AM
Daily | 23 May 2018 | 10:21 AM
Know your Agri Commodities - JEERA
Daily | 23 May 2018 | 10:20 AM
Know your Agri Commodities - JEERA
Daily | 23 May 2018 | 10:01 AM
Highlights: • Agri markets saw a strong recovery for most counters even as good Monsoon reports limited any major 1-sided movement. With low arrivals, the demand is expected to rise at these lower levels – supporting the prices. Government initiatives to raise prices above the MSP (minimum support price) for many commodities too have been instrumental in supporting the prices. • The uptrend is likely to be limited however as traders wait for the actual onset of Monsoon on the Kerala coast. An early arrival before June 1 (as predicted by the IMD) could keep some more pressure on prices in the short term. Any delayed arrival however would create a strong Bullish impact on the agri markets.
Daily | 22 May 2018 | 11:07 AM
Highlights: • Normal Monsoon and its early arrival predictions by the IMD kept pressure on the market sentiments as moderately bearish trend persisted for most counters. • However it needs to be noted that the fall was marginal only. Most counters are looking for some recovery from these levels. Prices, which have fallen for most parts of the year, are reportedly at very low levels. Traders anticipate further fall may be limited, though the uptrend too has not been substantial. Rising crude oil prices amidst rising export and summer season domestic demand with a falling Rupee are likely to create the long term Bullish sentiments that most market sources expect. • Short term trend remains volatile with firmness in International markets for oil complex and cotton likely to provide support to these prices. Further rise in crude oil rates have been noted that could be supporting factor for the falling agri prices by afternoon.
Daily | 22 May 2018 | 10:26 AM
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