27 Jun 2019 | 2:34 PM

Comm Edge - Positional Trading Recommendations

Comm Spread Comm Edge  
Launching “Comm Edge“ as the latest offering from Religare Retail Research Desk. This product comprises of a positional trading recommendation in any one of the commodities on a weekly basis. The main highlight of this product is its slightly longer term horizon that portrays more potential, based on its fundamental and technical set up.

With positional based trading, you can hold your trade till it reaches the expected target price, of course in a disciplined manner, by protecting yourself through the mechanism of stop loss.

To add to our basket of intraday recommendations, the product is being launched for those traders who vouch for long term trading opportunities. So, let’s begin trading in Comm Edge and keep time by your side in this highly volatile environment.

Product Specifications

Frequency:One Recommendation is given in a week.
Position Size:The minimum position size is of 2 lots.
Customer Segment:Retail and HNI
Risk Profile: This product is suited for high risk traders
Risk Management:Strict Stop losses should be followed to avoid big losses in case of any adverse move in markets.
Latest Report

Asset ClassProduct NameInstrumentStyleRewardRiskMaximum Open CallsFrequencyDurationPosition Size
Commodities Comm Edge Bullion/ Base Metal/
Long/Short 1.5% - 2% High 1 Weekly 2 - 5 Trading sessions 1 lot each