22 Mar 2019 | 12:02 AM

Comm Spread - Spread Trading Recommendations

Comm Spread Comm Edge  
Comm Spread is the newest product in the existing comprehensive basket of products that Religare Retail Research offers. This product is special in the sense that it shelters you in this fickle market and helps you earn from the temporary disparity of two highly correlated products. The product will be rolled out on a monthly basis or frequently, incase opportunity arises.

Spread trading is considered less risky than taking an outright futures position. Even the best lot of trader fraternity gets stuck, with markets moving against them but with Comm Spread, YOU are long and YOU are short at the same time.

Product Specifications

Frequency: One recommendation is given in a month
Position Size: The minimum position size is of 4 lots.
Customer Segment: Retail and HNI
Risk Profile: This product is suited for medium risk traders
Risk Management: Strict Stop losses should be followed to avoid big losses in case of any adverse move in markets.
Latest Report

Asset ClassProduct NameInstrumentStyleRewardRiskMaximum Open CallsFrequencyDurationPosition Size
Commodities Comm Spread Bullion/
Base Metal/
Long/Short 2-2.5% Medium 1 Fortnightly  (or more as per opportunity) 12-15 Trading sessions 1 lot each