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Currency Research Report: Currency Yearly Outlook 2016

Currency Yearly Outlook 2016
01 Jan 2016 | 03:57 PM

As we footstep into the New Year, financial markets are stepping on to the next territory of opportunities, leaving behind a trail of turbulences in the year. The year 2015 brought yet another blow to the Indian currency, which plunged by more than 5 percent against the greenback, as the party roared hard for the dollar in the year gone by. While the U.S Fed partly succeeded in elevating its interest rates, Eurozone's efforts seemed somewhat futile in bringing inflation to the desired level.

Entering into 2016, as major economies head high and look towards growth, the tug of war between different currencies will present forth a lot of opportunities for forex mongers. We at Religare Currency Research bring to you a comprehensive report on the factors that influenced currency markets in 2015 and the opportunities the New Year has in the offing.