24 Apr 2018 | 8:21 PM


Star Ratings - Stock Market Analysis Tool

Star Ratings is a stock selection tool which can help you choose the right stocks based on fundamental, technical and analyst recommendations. This tool processes multiple data points to provide a star rating for 323 stocks to make sound investment decisions. It helps you to assess the upside potential and risk rating of the stocks in your radar and get third party views too. The best part about this tool is that it gives you switch proposals on alternative stocks against the current non performing stocks in your holdings.
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Key-Features of Star Rating & How to use them for your benefit:

Following are the features of star ratings, what it represents and how you can use them to your benefits:

Upside Rating:

This is a four star rating for every stock. Stars are earned and calculated based on:
Earning Revision Trend: This is an indicator for the 7-week Earnings per Share revision.
Technical Trend: This indicator shows us the price direction (upwards or downwards) of the stock basis technical charts.
Valuation Rating: This indicates if a stock is selling at a relative premium or bargain price, based on its earnings potential.
Relative Performance to Sensex 30: This measures the price movement of the stock relative to the Index during the same time period.

Risk Rating:

This denotes the sensitivity of the stock to extrinsic factors like bad news and fall in stock market. The risk is denoted with low, medium and high ratings
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Switch Proposals:

This provides the alternative investments you can make if you decide to sell off your current stake.

Key facts:

This column aggregates the key company related figures such as PE ratios, dividend yields and 4 week stock performance. These can be used for your better decision making. To understand this in detail, you could refer here.
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Trend and Target:

The trend is an indicative of the price trend expected in the stock. The target price reflects a combination of fair fundamental price and technical considerations. If the target price is higher than the current stock price, the stock may be considered as attractively priced and vice versa.


This denotes the history of change in star ratings for the particular stock.

So, with Star Ratings you can do stock analysis on your own for free and in a hassle-free way as it helps you to make informed decisions – the smart, simple and personalized way!.