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Terms & Conditions for Web based Trading

Religare Broking Ltd. (RBL) maintains www.religareonline.com (hereinafter referred to as the "Website") and owns, has the license to use or otherwise has the right to use, free of any pending or threatened liens, all content, graphics, HTML and CGI or other scripts displayed and used on the Website. Read More

Terms & Conditions for Mobile based Trading

Internet & Wireless Technology based trading facility provided by members to client (All the clauses mentioned in the ‘Rights and Obligations’ document(s) shall be applicable. Additionally, the clauses mentioned herein shall also be applicable.) ... Read More

Terms & Conditions for Margin Products

I/We are registered/registering with you (“the Company”) as a ‘Client’ for availing your services and have/are executing various documents such as Agreement(s), Instructions, Memoranda etc (hereinafter collectively “Member-Client Documents”) which establish the relationship between us and determine the inter-se rights and liabilities between you and me/us. I/We desire to avail ... Read More

Terms & Conditions for MF Segment Activation

I/we am/are already registered with you as a client and wish to modify/activate segment to those mentioned by me/us in the KYC forms submitted to you at the time of my enrolment or at any time thereafter. I/we hereby request you to activate MF segments in my trading account available in exchanges NSE-MFSS / BSE-StarMF.

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Terms & Conditions for Activation of Electronic Communication/Contract Notes

I / we hereby opt for receipt of contract notes as well as all other communication including but not limited to account statements, holding statements, trade, order confirmations and any other notices related to my/our Trading & Depository account electronically to my registered email- id(s) in your record... Read More

E-mail/SMS and Voice Communication

All customers who register/share contact details like Mobile Number/Email address with Religare Broking agree, acknowledge and accept as per the terms and conditions, that even if they are registered under NDNC, DND (Do Not Disturb), by accepting the terms, they authorize Religare Broking, to call and assist them and/or SMS/E-Mail/Whtsapp/RCS the customers by virtue of them having voluntarily registered with Religare Broking.

All customers/Leads/Prospects authorize Religare Broking for sending them promotional communications for any kind of offerings on their shared/registered mobile number via SMS/EMail/Call/IVR/RCS or Whtsapp or any other medium even if they are registered under the DNC.

Religare Broking, will not be responsible for any NDNC(National Do Not Call) Registry regulation that will come into play.