JG Chemicals IPO

JG Chemicals Limited, founded in 1975, is a prominent manufacturer of zinc oxide. Utilizing the French process, it crafts over 80 grades of zinc oxide, catering to diverse industrial needs. With decades of expertise, the company stands as a trusted provider of high-quality zinc oxide products globally.

JG Chemicals IPO Details

Parameter Details
IPO Open March 5, 2024
IPO Close March 7, 2024
IPO Size Approx ₹251.19 Crores
Fresh Issue Approx ₹165 Crores
Offer for Sale Approx 11,366,063 Equity shares
Face Value ₹10 Per Equity Share
IPO Price Band ₹220 to ₹221 Per Share
IPO Listing on BSE & NSE
Retail Quota 35%
QIB Quota 50%
NII Quota 15%

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JG Chemicals is set to go public with its IPO opening on March 5, 2024, and closing on March 7, 2024. The IPO size is approximately Rs. 251.19 Crores, with a fresh issue of around Rs. 165 Crores and an offer for sale of approximately 11,366,063 equity shares.

The face value per equity share is Rs. 10, and the IPO price band is set at Rs. 220 to Rs. 221 per share. The company's shares will be listed on both the BSE and NSE. Retail investors have a 35% quota, while QIBs and NIIs have quotas of 50% and 15%, respectively.

About the JG Chemicals Company

Established in 2001, JG Chemicals has emerged as India's premier zinc oxide manufacturer, boasting the largest production and revenue share in the country, as per the CARE Report. With a substantial 30% market share as of March 2022, they offer an extensive portfolio of over 80 zinc oxide grades, positioning them among the top ten global manufacturers.

Their products find applications across diverse sectors, such as rubber, ceramics, paints, pharmaceuticals, electronics, agrochemicals, and more. Leveraging over four decades of industry expertise, they have fostered enduring relationships with a broad clientele, serving over 200 domestic and 50 international customers across 10+ countries in recent years.

JG Chemicals Financial Highlights

Between the fiscal years ending on March 31, 2023, and March 31, 2022, JG Chemicals Limited experienced a revenue surge of 27.47% and a corresponding 31.69% increase in profit after tax (PAT). Refer to the table below -

Period Ended 31 Dec 2023 31 Mar 2023 31 Mar 2022 31 Mar 2021
Assets 271.26 297.79 264.14 209.94
Revenue 491.10 794.19 623.05 440.41
Profit After Tax 18.51 56.79 43.13 28.80
Net Worth 217.86 199.89 147.66 108.48
Reserves & Surplus 193.22 175.67 151.23 107.17

JG Chemicals Strengths and Weaknesses

Strengths Weaknesses
1. JG Chemicals Limited has a dominant market position, catering to nine of the top ten global tyre manufacturers and all eleven major Indian counterparts. 1. JG Chemicals Limited's business heavily relies on zinc oxide sales, making it susceptible to market demand fluctuations.
2. Key end-use sectors are characterised by high barriers to entry, ensuring stable market positioning. 2. The performance of its subsidiary, BDJ Oxides Private Limited, significantly influences overall business performance.
3. The company has shown consistent financial strength, with impressive growth rates of 34.2825% CAGR in revenue and 40.43% CAGR in profit after tax from FY21 to FY23. 3. Revenue is concentrated among select customers, which could pose risks if they opt for alternative suppliers.
4. Intellectual property risks exist due to the lack of trademark registration.
5. Intense industry competition and limited diversification across sectors are potential concerns.

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Frequently asked questions

  • An IPO also known as initial pulic offering or stock launch is a process when a private company sale its shares to public for the first time. Learn more about IPO at our knowledge centre.

  • A lot size is the minimum number of shares that an investor has to bid for. A lot size differs for each IPO and is fixed by the company.

  • IPO Price Band is the price range within which investors can bid for the shares. The minimum price is called the floor price and the maximum price is called the cap price.

  • Issue size is the total value of an IPO. It is calculated by multiplying the number of shares offered by the company by the issue price per share.

  • You will receive an email on your registered email id if the IPO shares are allotted to you. Alternatively, you can also visit the registrar of the company’s official website and provide the details as asked in the allotment status section of the website.

  • IPOs, as such, do not have any taxes. You are taxed only when you decide to sell the IPO shares. Any monetary profit you make while selling the IPO shares is referred to as ‘capital gains’.

    Capital gains tax is charged depending on how long you held the shares for. If you owned the shares for less than 12 months, it is considered as short-term capital gains and if it is over 12 months, it is referred as long-term capital gains.

    Tax on short-term capital gains is 15%. It is 10% for equity gains in the long run (over 12 months). Do remember that you are taxed if the equity proceeds exceed Rs 1 lakh.

  • The JG Chemicals IPO is priced between Rs. 210 and Rs. 221.

  • The size of the IPO for JG Chemicals is Rs. 251.19 Crores.

  • The lot size of J.G.Chemicals Ltd is 67 shares. Retail investors can subscribe to a minimum of 1 lot and a maximum of 13 lots.

  • The minimum and maximum application value is Rs 14,807 and Rs 1,92.491, respectively, for retailers.