Unicommerce eSolutions IPO

Unicommerce eSolutions, a leading Indian e-commerce technology company, is gearing up for its Initial Public Offering (IPO). Specialising in providing SaaS e-commerce solutions, Unicommerce facilitates seamless order fulfilment, inventory management, and more for businesses. The IPO is expected to attract attention as the company navigates the dynamic landscape of India's burgeoning e-commerce sector.

The issue size is Rs 5450 crore, out of which Rs 5150 crore is a fresh issue and rest is offer for sale.

Unicommerce eSolutions IPO Details

Opening Date

To be announced

Closing Date

To be announced

Price Band

To be announced

Issue Size

To be announced

Face Value

To be announced

Market Lot

To be announced

Listing at NSE, BSE

IPO Open Date To be announced
IPO Close Date To be announced
Allotment Date To be announced
Initiation Of Refunds To be announced
Credit Of Shares To
Demat Account
To be announced
IPO Listing Date To be announced
UPI Mandate Expiry Date To be announced

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Unicommerce eSolutions is gearing up for its IPO (Initial Public Offering), presenting an Offer For Sale (OFS) scenario, with up to 2,98,40,486 equity shares on the block by the Selling Shareholders. Notably, no fresh shares are being issued by the company as part of this offering.

The OFS comprises diverse contributors, with AceVector Limited (formerly known as Snapdeal Limited), a Promoter Selling Shareholder, offering up to 1,14,59,840 equity shares. Additionally, B2 Capital Partners is set to provide up to 22,10,406 equity shares. At the same time, SB Investment Holdings (UK) Limited, an Investor Selling Shareholder, plans to put up to 1,61,70,240 equity shares on the market.

As of the date of the Draft Red Herring Prospectus (DRHP) filing, these three investors collectively hold a substantial 77.36% share in the company. Recent transactions reveal a dynamic anticipation of the IPO, with an array of prominent investors, including Anchorage Capital Fund, Madhuri Madhusudan Kela, Rizwan Koita & Jagdish Moorjani, Dilip Vellodi, and others, participating in the acquisition of shares, setting the stage for an eagerly awaited IPO.

About Unicommerce eSolutions

Established in 2012, Unicommerce eSolutions stands at the forefront as an e-commerce enablement Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform. The company offers a comprehensive suite of SaaS solutions and specialises in end-to-end e-commerce operations management, catering to brands, retailers, marketplaces, and logistics service providers.

Unicommerce boasts an impressive clientele in India, including Lenskart, Fabindia, Zivame, TCNS, Mamaearth, Emami, Sugar, BoAt, Portronics, Pharmeasy, GNC, Cello, Urban Company, Mensa, G.O.A.T, Shiprocket, Xpressbees, and more.

Expanding its global footprint, Unicommerce extends its services to clients in six other countries, primarily in Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Renowned for its e-commerce solutions, the company is pivotal in streamlining business operations, facilitating seamless transactions, and fostering growth in the dynamic e-commerce landscape. The company is poised as a market leader, leveraging its expertise to empower clients and drive innovation in the ever-evolving world of e-commerce.

Unicommerce eSolutions IPO Lot Size

The lot size for this highly anticipated Initial Public Offering is yet to be announced. Investors and enthusiasts keenly await this crucial information, as the lot size plays a pivotal role in determining the accessibility and participation level for retail investors.

As this detail remains undisclosed, market participants are advised to stay tuned for official announcements from the company. The revelation of the lot size will significantly impact the dynamics of retail investor involvement in this IPO, shaping their ability to seize a share in the promising opportunities.

How To Apply For Unicommerce eSolutions IPO?

To apply for the Unicommerce eSolutions IPO through your demat account, follow these straightforward steps:

1. Demat Account Verification

Ensure your demat account is active and KYC-compliant. If not, complete the necessary KYC procedures with your depository participant.

2. Funds Availability

Confirm you have sufficient funds in your trading account to cover the IPO application.

3. Log into Your Trading Account

Access the online trading account provided by your broker using your credentials.

4. Select Unicommerce eSolutions IPO

Navigate to the IPO section or dashboard. Locate and select the Unicommerce eSolutions IPO from the list of available IPOs.

5. Enter Application Details

Fill in the required details, including the number of lots or shares you wish to apply for and the bid price within the specified price band.

6. Payment

Make the payment for your IPO application using the available payment options, such as UPI, net banking, or ASBA, provided by your broker.

7. Review and Confirm

Double-check the application details, especially the bid price and quantity. Confirm your application.

8. Application Confirmation

After a successful application, you will receive an IPO application confirmation with your bid details.

Stay informed about the opening and closing dates, lot size, and other crucial details provided in the IPO prospectus and official announcements for a smooth and successful application process.

IPO Financials Highlights

Unicommerce eSolutions, a standout player in the e-commerce enablement segment, shines as the only profitable company among India's top five players in fiscal 2022, according to a Redseer Report cited in its DRHP.

The company has maintained profitability since FY 2021 and reported a profit of Rs 6.4 crore for FY 2023. With a consistent track record of growth, Unicommerce recorded revenue growth of 52.56% and 47.55% in FY23 and FY22, respectively. The impressive Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) of Rs 103.74 crore for the period ending September 2023 solidifies Unicommerce's financial prowess.

As it prepares for its IPO, its robust financial performance underscores its position as a formidable player in the e-commerce solutions landscape.

How to apply in IPO via UPI on Dynami

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How to apply for Unicommerce eSolutions IPO?

Retail investors need to apply for the IPO using UPI


  • Link your bank account to a UPI ID.
  • Register your UPI id with your demat account.
  • Subscribe for Unicommerce eSolutions IPO and approve the payment on your UPI ID.

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Frequently asked questions

  • An IPO also known as initial pulic offering or stock launch is a process when a private company sale its shares to public for the first time. Learn more about IPO at our knowledge centre.

  • A lot size is the minimum number of shares that an investor has to bid for. A lot size differs for each IPO and is fixed by the company.

  • IPO Price Band is the price range within which investors can bid for the shares. The minimum price is called the floor price and the maximum price is called the cap price.

  • Issue size is the total value of an IPO. It is calculated by multiplying the number of shares offered by the company by the issue price per share.

  • You will receive an email on your registered email id if the IPO shares are allotted to you. Alternatively, you can also visit the registrar of the company’s official website and provide the details as asked in the allotment status section of the website.

  • IPOs, as such, do not have any taxes. You are taxed only when you decide to sell the IPO shares. Any monetary profit you make while selling the IPO shares is referred to as ‘capital gains’.

    Capital gains tax is charged depending on how long you held the shares for. If you owned the shares for less than 12 months, it is considered as short-term capital gains and if it is over 12 months, it is referred as long-term capital gains.

    Tax on short-term capital gains is 15%. It is 10% for equity gains in the long run (over 12 months). Do remember that you are taxed if the equity proceeds exceed Rs 1 lakh.

  • Established in 2012, Unicommerce is India's premier e-commerce enablement SaaS platform, holding the top position in transaction processing revenue for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2022. The company specialises in providing end-to-end management solutions for e-commerce operations, catering to brands, sellers, and logistics service providers.

  • The company is going public to achieve liquidity and capitalise on market opportunities. The IPO allows investors and promoters to cash out, potentially reinvesting in new ventures. A favourable valuation could offer a profitable exit for selling shareholders, increasing brand visibility, market confidence, and facilitating future fundraising or partnerships.

  • To participate in the IPO, open demat account with a registered broker. Once the new IPO is announced, log in to your trading account, select the IPO, enter bid details, and make the payment. Follow the process outlined by your broker for a seamless application in this highly anticipated offering.

  • The IPO date is anticipated in the second half of 2024. Investors and enthusiasts await official announcements from the company and regulatory authorities for the specific dates, marking the commencement of the IPO journey.

  • The IPO price is yet to be announced. The pricing process typically involves factors like company valuation, financial performance, market conditions, and investor demand. Stay tuned for official disclosures in the prospectus and announcements from the company and regulatory authorities for insights into the IPO pricing mechanism.

  • Following its IPO, the company is expected to be listed on the National Stock Exchange (NSE) and the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). Investors and stakeholders can trade the company's shares on these prominent stock exchanges, contributing to the liquidity and accessibility of Unicommerce eSolutions' stocks in the market.

  • Yes, you can sell IPO shares on the day of listing. As a retail investor, once you receive an allocation in the IPO, you can sell your shares at any time on or after the listing date, providing liquidity and the opportunity to capitalise on market conditions.

  • The company exhibits a robust financial performance, reporting profitability since FY 2021. For FY2023, it recorded a profit of Rs 6.4 crore. The company maintains consistent growth with revenue surges of 52.56% and 47.55% in FY23 and FY22, respectively, highlighting its financial stability and position in the e-commerce solutions sector.

  • Investing in this IPO carries risks, including potential impacts from a slowdown in the e-commerce market, rising competition from players like GoFrugal and EasyEcom, and vulnerability to regulatory changes in the dynamic e-commerce landscape. Investors should carefully assess these factors before making informed investment decisions in the IPO.

  • Stay informed on Unicommerce eSolutions' IPO progress by regularly checking official company announcements and monitoring stock exchange updates. Follow financial news platforms, subscribe to IPO-related newsletters, and stay connected with your broker for timely information on IPO dates, price bands, and other crucial details.