Online Trading Account: Simple, Paperless and Smart Way of Trading

Religare Broking provides you a wide range of investment products across all asset classes with state of the art trading platforms i.e. Religare Dynami and Religare Online to help you start your investment journey.
  • Attractive offers on account opening
  • Zero AMC charges
  • Free Research Notifications
  • Multiple Brokerage plans to choose from
  • Trade via Mobile, Web or Desktop terminal

Why open a Trading Account ?

Since 2000, when the stock markets became electronic, it is essential to open a trading account with a stockbroker/financial institution to invest in the stock market.

Your investment journey starts with an online trading account. Online trading is an upgraded version of regular trading that gives you platforms on the web to trade and also the freedom from paper-based documentation.

An online Trading Account is a link between a Demat account and a Savings Account. Just like a bank savings account is used to store money, the Demat account is used to store dematerialized shares. An online trading account facilitates the investor to place an order in the stock exchange, the order goes directly to the exchange and stocks bought are credited to the investor’s Demat account.

So, for simple and seamless trading through an exchange, users can place buy or sell orders to broking firms online or on phone.

Documents Required For Opening A Trading Account Online

One need not be 18 years of age in order to hold a trading account. After submitting the respective documents, a minor can also hold a trading account, given it is open by the parents or the appointed guardian.
One cannot open a trading account without a valid PAN Card. It is the most important document required to open a trading account. You will have to submit a copy of your PAN card along with other KYC documents while opening a trading account.
In order to be eligible to open a trading account, you will need to submit other documents in addition to you PAN card for identification purposes –

● Aadhar card
● Bank proof – copy of passbook/bank statement
● Signature (same as PAN card)

Benifits of Trading Account

Buy & Sell
A trading account is used to place buy and sell orders of securities.
Smooth Transactions
An online trading account ensures smooth and continuous transactions for a trader. A trader can use the trading and place buy and sell orders at the click of a button.
With advanced technologies, you can now trade on the go from your mobile, laptop and other devices. It has become flexible for an investor to keep track of his investments from anywhere in the world.
24*7 Access
An investor can access his/her trading account anytime, anywhere from their internet browsers or mobile application. This helps them get instant access to trading platforms anytime they wish to.
You can track all your holdings, brokerage and fees, taxes and more through your trading account. It helps investors get clarity on the trades they have executed.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no minimum balance required for a trading account. You will be liable to pay some brokerage charges whenever you trade.
You can open a free trading account with zero balance, however, you will not be able to trade. In order to place a trade, you will have to add funds through UPI or net banking.
Yes, you can open a trading account without income proof. However, you will be able to trade only in equities if you do not submit income proof. If you wish to trade in F&O and currency, it is mandatory to submit income proof.
Yes, PAN card is necessary. You cannot open a Trading account without a PAN card.
Yes, any gains earned from trading are treated as business income. It is added to your salary and taxed according to the income tax slab you fall under. In short, intraday trading is taxable under business income.
As a trader, you are required to file ITR – 3 as your income from share trading will be taxable under business income.
Trading in shares and securities is not considered supply as per the GST Act and falls outside the purview of GST. Therefore, securities traders are not liable to register under GST.

How to open a Trading Account with Religare Broking

Fill up your personal details via our secured online account opening platform.

Fill up your DOB, PAN, personal and bank details, upload your documents.

E-sign your application via Aadhaar OTP. You are done!