Derivatives Trading Online

Get on the Indian growth story train. Boost your returns through Future & Options.

If want a great leverage opportunity or a tool to speculate investments, we can back you up with robust trading strategies, powerful trading platforms, in-depth research and the analysis you need. With Derivatives, you can hedge on the price movement of stocks by

With multiple trading platforms, go for one that works best for you, anywhere

Trade on-the-go on your smart phone, desktop PC or tablet. For heavy trading, the Religare platform lines up streaming quotes for decisions at the spur of the moment.

Decode financial reports to make informed decisions

Derivative research reports are a goldmine of information, and we decode them for you. Get critical information in bite size and make informed decisions.

Be in the know of your portfolio performance with the Smart Portfolio Tracker

Get up-to-the-minute movements report of your holdings. Find answers on your investment’s performance.

Trading on NSE in Futures

Hedge your positions or trade by taking leveraged bets on Stocks or Indicies. Simply enter into a contract (maximum duration: 3 months), and take buy or sell positions in an Index or a Stock. If the price moves as you had anticipated during this contract period, the benefits are yours!

Calculate your margin requirements

Today, only a few stocks meet the liquidity and volume criteria to qualify for futures trading. Use our unique tools – ‘Calculate Index’ and ‘Know your Margin’ – to help calculate your margin requirements and the Index and Stock price movements, and stay ahead of the curve.

Futures Margin

Trade in Futures & options on selected stocks & Indices with lesser capital as compared to cash

Intraday Futures

Take intraday positions in futures at 50% lesser margin as compared to normal futures

Futures - Cover Order

Get higher leverage than intraday orders, place your stop loss orders against your futures position