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Live IPO Subscription Status

One crucial aspect of an IPO is the subscription process, where investors can purchase company shares at a predetermined price. This process is essential for both the company and the investors, as it determines the IPO's success and the company's future. With the increasing number of IPOs, investors must understand the subscription process thoroughly & know how to gauge sentiment, track live status, and make informed investment decisions effectively.

IPO Subscription Status List

Name Date QIB NII Retail TOTAL
Go Digit 17-May-24 12.56 7.24 4.27 9.6
TBO Tek 10-May-24 125.51 50.58 25.65 86.68
Aadhar Housing Finance 10-May-24 76.42 17.33 2.58 26.76
Indegene 08-May-24 192.72 55.82 7.78 70.25
Vodafone Idea 22-Apr-24 19.31 4.54 1.01 6.99
JNK India 25-Apr-24 74.4 23.8 4.2 28.46
Bharti Hexacom 05-Apr-24 48.57 10.51 2.82 29.88
SRM Contractors 28-Mar-24 59.59 214.94 46.97 86.57
Krystal Integrated Services 18-Mar-24 7.32 45.22 3.41 13.49
Vibhor Steel Tubes 15-Feb-24 191.41 772.48 201.52 320.05

SME IPO Subscription Status List

Name Date QIB NII Retail TOTAL
Hariom Atta & Spices 17-May-24 - 72.53 334.12 203.46
Rulka Electricals 17-May-24 4.62 27.55 52.52 33.49
Quest Laboratories 17-May-24 57.2 184.1 57.63 85.26
Indian Emulsifiers 16-May-24 175.95 779.63 484.66 460.07
Silkflex Polymers 10-May-24 - 36.47 34.82 38.67
TGIF Agribusiness 10-May-24 - 35.35 32.92 37.13
Energy-Mission Machineries 13-May-24 161.92 604.98 287.89 319.89
ABS Marine Services 15-May-24 109.3 270.94 110.24 144.44
Finelistings Technologies 9-May-24 - 29.85 38.96 37.44
Aztec Fluids & Machinery 14-May-24 107.93 341.94 228.43 218.38

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What is IPO Subscription Status?

The IPO subscription status refers to the level of demand or interest from investors for a particular Initial Public Offering (IPO). It indicates how oversubscribed or undersubscribed the IPO is, which can be crucial information for issuers and investors.

The subscription status is usually expressed in terms of the number of times the shares offered have been applied for relative to the number of shares available.

For example, if the SME IPO subscription status is 3x, the total number of shares applied for is three times greater than the number of shares available. This indicates a high level of demand and suggests that the IPO may be in high demand among investors. Conversely, a subscription status of less than 1x suggests low demand and may indicate that the IPO is not generating significant interest in the market.

Monitoring the IPO subscription status can help investors make more informed decisions about whether to participate in an IPO and can provide insights into market sentiment and the potential success of the offering.

Understanding Live IPO Subscription Status

The live IPO subscription status provides real-time updates on the share demand during the IPO subscription period.

It allows investors to track the level of oversubscription or undersubscription and evaluate the market sentiment towards the IPO.

By monitoring the live subscription status, investors can gather valuable insights into the IPO's demand among investors and make more informed investment decisions.

Note that a high subscription status does not guarantee immediate profits, as market conditions and investor sentiment can change.

Besides, it is advisable to consider other factors, such as the company's financial performance, industry trends, and overall market conditions, before making any investment decisions based solely on the live IPO subscription status.

Why is the IPO Subscription Status important for investors?

Gauging Investor Confidence

Helps investors assess the level of interest and confidence among the investing community towards the IPO.

Informed Investment Decisions

Allows investors to make informed decisions by evaluating the potential success of the IPO.

High Subscription Indicates Demand

A high subscription status suggests strong market demand, indicating potential positive market performance post-IPO.

Low Subscription Raises Concerns

Conversely, a low subscription status may raise concerns about the IPO's prospects due to a lack of investor interest.

Market Sentiment Monitoring

Enables investors to stay updated on market sentiment and adjust their investment strategies accordingly based on subscription status.


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