Online Equity Trading

Invest in a long-term perspective. Keep up with daily ups and downs.

Equity investing needs time, patience and a sound understanding of how it all works. Find everything you need to trade stocks right here. From a range of trading options to advanced features for buying and selling effortlessly, we’ll help you simplify the game.

Decode financial reports to make informed decisions

Financial reports are a goldmine of information, and we decode them for you. Get critical information in bite size and make informed decisions.

Be in the know of your portfolio performance with the Smart Portfolio Tracker

Get up-to-the-minute movements reports of your holdings. Find answers on your investment’s performance.

Streamline scrips in line with your investment strategy

Navigate your investment journey with intelligent market data by your side. View global indices, stock and sector performance, dividend yield, PE ratio, and more as you go along.

Begin your financial journey your way

Pay as you trade

With the versatile cash trader, pay as and when you make your transaction

Borrow to buy or sell

Make a down payment & buy equities ‘x’ times the margin amount with Margin Trading

On phone

Trading is now at an arm’s length. Just CallNTrade® on a local number in your city


Trade on India’s major stock exchanges

In real time

Place orders during market hours and Trade at the best available price

Set trade limits

Minimise risks and maximum profits by setting your buy/sell limits