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19 Jan 2017 | 1:06 AM
New Customer

FAQs - Account Opening Kit

What are the documents I would receive once my account is opened?  
  You would receive a welcome kit once your account is activated. This welcome kit shall contain the following
  • Client Profile sheet :
    This document will contain all details of your trading account which you shall require for operating your account like Your Trading Account number, Your CRN number, Your Relationship Manager & Dealer’s details, Your branch address and contact number, Linked (Registered) Bank & Demat account and brokerage applied on your trading account.
  • CRN Password :
    CRN is a single online back office interface by which you can verify your transactions, account details and all other back office trading reports with a single sign on. A sealed envelope bearing your password for CRN login will be shared with welcome kit.
  • Client Master :
    This document will contain all details of your depository account which you shall require for operating your account like your Depository Account number, your Nominee to the account, your correspondence address, contact details and linked (Registered) Bank account wherein you’ll receive all your cash corporate actions directly through registrar.
  • Brokerage addendum if applicable :
    In case you have opted for specific brokerage plan, you’ll receive the executed copy of the brokerage addendum also.
  • DIS Booklet :
    In order to operate your depository account, you’ll receive your depository account cheques book commonly referred as “Delivery Instruction Slip”, you can use the given DIS booklet for transferring shares from one account to another by submitting duly filled hard copy of DIS to your branch and meet out your trade obligations.
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