Care Health Insurance (Formerly Known as Religare Health Insurance)

Health insurance is an insurance policy that covers you against the expenditures of a medical or surgical procedure, the cost of medicines, doctor’s appointments, ambulance expenses, etc. The expenses covered by a health insurance plan can be a result of an accident or an illness. Health insurance offers features like cashless hospitalisation, cover against critical illnesses like cancer, kidney and heart issues, and more.

Need for Care Health Insurance

Care Health Insurance is an essential product in today’s times. The cost of healthcare has drastically risen in the last decade. Life-threatening diseases such as cancer and kidney failure are getting more and more common by the day. There was a time when poor health was only associated with older people. But with a rise in pollution and dependence on packaged food and drinks, immunity levels are dropping across age groups. Irrespective of your age, a health condition can strike at any time pre-and. Even a couple of days of hospitalisation can cause a significant blow to your savings. Therefore, having a health insurance policy in India is more important than ever. It safeguards you from the expenditure of an ailment and offers you the peace of mind to carry on with your life without worrying about health care costs.

Types of Care Health Insurance Plans Available

There are several types of health insurance plans available in the market. These have been designed to suit every individual’s present and future needs. Here is a broad categorisation:

Personal health insurance plan

Such plans offer cover to a single person. You can take this policy to cover yourself. The premium would depend on your age and lifestyle habits. This type of health insurance plan only one individual i.e. the policyholder.

Family health insurance plan

If you wish to secure your entire family, including your parents, spouse, and children, you can consider a family policy. Health insurance for family offers coverage to all the members insured under the policy.

Critical illness health insurance plan

These plans offer insurance against specific critical and life-threatening diseases such as cancer, stroke, etc. The cost of treatment of these diseases is very high, these plans can be effective to cover such ongoing costs.

Senior citizen health insurance plan

As the name suggests, these plans are crafted for the use of senior citizens over the age of 60. They cover medical issues that come with increasing age.

Maternity health insurance plan

Maternity health insurance plans can be used to cover new or expecting mothers. They cover pre- and post-natal care, ambulance and hospitalization costs, delivery expenses, doctor’s appointments, ultrasounds, and more.

Accident health insurance plan

An accident plan offers financial protection against the expenses borne due to an accident. Such plans also include ambulance expenses, surgical expenses, cost of medicines, etc.

Benefits of Care Health Insurance Plans

The uses of health insurance are many. They can help to cover a number of costs and provide monetary flexibility in urgent times. Here are some general benefits medical insurance in India.

Cashless feature

Most insurance companies have tie-ups with hospitals. If you get yourself treated at their network hospital, you can avail the benefits of cashless treatment. The claim is settled later.

Ambulance and room rent

The rent for occupying a hospital room is charged over and above the treatment. Health insurance plans in India cover these expenses as well.

Pre- and post-hospitalisation costs

Most online health insurance plans cover the expenses preceding the hospitalisation and the costs levied after the discharge for up to 2 months (this could differ for each plan).

Periodic medical check-ups

You can get regular health check-ups under your policy. This can depend on the particular plan, but most insurers offer one or two medical check-ups in a year.

No claim bonus (NCB)

If you do not file a claim in a year, the insurer offers you an NCB as an incentive, the next year.

Tax benefits

Lastly, one of the most beneficial uses of health insurance is tax saving. The premium paid towards a health insurance policy in India can be claimed for tax deduction under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act of 1961.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is important to understand the features of a policy before purchasing it. A good medical plan can be one that offers wholesome coverage, cashless hospitalisation, and quick claim settlement, and covers pre and post hospitalisation expenses.
Buying health insurance is no longer a choice but a necessity in the current times. It covers us against the financial implications of medical problems. With health insurance, you do not have to dip into your savings anytime you go to a hospital.
Religare health insurance offers cashless hospitalisation across more than 7800 hospitals all over the world. The company’s claim settlement procedure takes only 2 hours, and the ratio of settlements stands at 93%. You can also choose from five types of plans based on your need. In addition to this, Religare offers a no claim bonus of 150%.
The price of the premium can differ for each individual based on their age, lifestyle preferences, existing health conditions, etc. The younger you are, the more affordable the premium can be. The premium can be higher for older people and people who smoke, consume tobacco, or drink alcohol.
When picking out a plan, you can look out for how flexible the plan it. Plans that allow you to add members can be helpful in the long run. Features like cashless hospitalisation, no claim bonus, pre- and post-treatment costs, room rent, ambulance expenses, etc. are also essential.
All you need to buy online health insurance plans are your age, address, and identity proof.
You can get a quote on the Religare’s website to estimate the cost of a policy.