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FAQs - Physical Certificates/ Dematerialization

What is the meaning of dematerialization?
  Dematerialization is the process by which physical certificates of an investor are converted to an equivalent number of securities in an electronic form and credited in the investor's depository account.
Can I trade with physical certificates?
  Scrip that is mandated by SEBI to trade in Compulsory demat form can’t be traded with physical certificate.

SEBI has already specified for settlement only in the dematerialized form in for 761 particular scripts.

Investors interested in these stocks receive shares only in demat form without any instruction to your broker.
How can I convert my physical certificate to demat form?
  In order to dematerialize physical certificates an investor will have to first open an account with a DP and then request for the dematerialization of certificates by filling up a dematerialization request form [DRF], and submitting the same along with the physical certificates.
I have open the demat account in the name of A & B however I also have securities with name of B & A? What shall I do to get the dematerialized?
  In this case as you have open only one account with A and B as the account holders and wish to dematerialize the security certificates with different order of names.

You can lodge your request for dematerialization of certificates with B & A combination by filling up an additional form called ‘Transposition cum Demat’ form. This will help you to effect change in the order of names as well as dematerialize the securities.
What is the meaning of Mutual Fund Conversion? How can I convert my Mutual fund units (represented by Physical Statement of Accounts) into dematerialized form through my depository?
  If you are holding Mutual Fund Units in physical form, which are represented by Statement of Account, you can convert this Statement of Account into dematerialized form in your depository account.

To convert the units in demat form you need to follow the below:

  • Obtain Conversion Request Form (CRF) from your DP.
  • Fill-up the CRF.
  • Submit the CRF along with the Statement of Account to your DP.
How can I change my password?
  You can select the option of “change password” on login page on your trading terminal and change the password by following the instructions on screen.
After how many wrong password attempt, my account gets locked?
  After three wrong attempts, the user ID will be locked.
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