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FAQs - Funds

What are the modes of deposit available with Religare? Which mode of deposit shall I choose to transfer funds for trading in my account?
  You can use any of the available banking modes for funds pay-in including RTGS, NEFT, Fund Transfer, Cheque, Demand draft.

You can choose any of the above mentioned mode for transferring funds, however if you wish to obtain instant margin benefit, you can use the fund transfer option available on your trading terminal for online transfer and updations.

While writing a cheque customer shall ensure the following nine commandments
  • Pay to “RELIGARE BROKING LIMITED” for Equity only.
  • Pay to “Religare Commodities Limited” for Commodity Only.
  • Cross “Bearer” available on the right side of cheque.
  • Date of Issuing cheque shall not be a stale date or a post dated, it shall be the issuing date only.
  • Amount in figures and words should be correctly written.
  • Mark the cheque as “A/c Payee’s Only” to the upper left side of instrument.
  • Signature – Cheque should be signed with same signature as captured in bank account.
  • Always write a cheque from the mapped/registered/linked bank account.
  • No cutting, overwriting shall there on the cheque.
  • Always submit CTS-2010 compliant cheques and notify your payment details to your relationship manager for updation in your trading account.
A snapshot of Religare Broking Cheque:

How can I withdraw funds from my trading account?
  Funds lying in ledger account with broker can be requested for release to registered bank account by placing a request to your relationship manager. Funds will be released within 24 business hours of the request subject to availability of sufficient margin as per the trading policy of Religare.

In case you have opted for online trading, you can login to online trading terminal and place your request for funds withdrawal online.
How much time broker will take for crediting funds in my trading account?
  Below are the tentative timelines, broker will take to provide credit in trading account:
Fund Transfer Method Tentative Time Line for funds credit reflect in customer’s trading account
Internet Transfer : Online Payment Gateway Trading Limit get updated instantly, credit in ledger on the same day.
Internet Transfer: NEFT/ RTGS Same day, subject to availability of information from banker and UTR no. confirmation from customer to service branch.
Cheque – Normal Clearing On Clearing. Normal 3-4 working days depending on the clearing location.
Cheque – Transfers Same day, subject to availability of information by customer to service branch.
Outstation cheques On Clearing. Timelines vary and are dependant to clearing location.
Demand Draft On Clearing. Timelines vary and are dependent to clearing location.
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