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FAQs - Orders & Trades

I have opened an account and got my trading code, how can I place my order?
  You can place your order using any of the following modes:
  • Call and Trade: You can call to your dealer and place your order on the number provided to you with your welcome kit.
  • Visit to Branch: You can visit to your branch and can place your order by walk-in to branch.
  • Online: You can place order yourself by logging in to our website www.religareonline .com our Online Trading Portal or Installing exe application (ODIN) on your Desktop/Laptop. In addition to above, you can also trade on your smartphone (mobile phone/ Tablet by downloading our mobile application ‘Trade on the Go’. The stated application /app is also available on Android /Apple store.
What are the different types of orders that can be placed on Religare online?
  You can place both market and limit orders.

Limit Order is an order to buy or sell securities in which you specify the maximum price per unit in case of a Buy order and the minimum price per unit in case of a Sell order. The actual transaction can be at a price more favorable than the price specified.

Market Order is an order to buy or sell securities at the best price obtainable in the market at the time it is matched by the exchange. Therefore, chances of its getting executed are better. In case of part execution of market order, the remainder order gets converted into a limit order at the last executed price.

The following order types are available on screen:
  • Limit Order
  • Market Order
  • Stop Loss Limit Order
  • Stop Loss Market Order
A Stop loss order allows the client to place an order which gets activated only when the market price of the relevant security reaches or crosses a threshold price specified by the investor. It is used as a tool to limit the maximum loss on a position.

Please note that in a buy order the SLTP cannot be less than the last traded price. This is treated as a normal order because the condition that the last traded price should exceed the stop loss trigger price for a buy order is already satisfied. Similarly, in case of a stop loss sell order the SLTP should not be greater than the last traded price for the same reason.
I am online customer, what steps should I take in case I don’t receive order confirmation post placement of orders?
  In any such event, you shall instantly verify any notification from Religare by browsing the message bar/log.

In case of non-receipt of any message, you shall instantly notify the same to your relationship manager / dealer.
What are the different order validities available on trading platform?
  Day signifies the order is valid for one day, this is the default value.

IOC signifies the order is valid for immediate execution, else it is canceled.

signifies the order is valid as per the limit set for number of days. This order is available only for commodities.

signifies the order remains valid till the time it is cancelled. This order is available only for commodities.

EOSSES signifies the end of session.

EOTDY signifies end of today.

What are the different trading products available on trading platform?
  The following product types are available as per asset class:

Equity Margin
PTST (Purchase Today Sell Tomorrow)
Currency Intraday
Carry Forward
Commodity Carry Forward

  • Orders placed under Intraday/Margin Product, require a lower margin than the order placed under Delivery/ Carry forward product and hence a greater leverage for intra-day trading shall be available to the client. The maximum leverage allowed under different products shall be liable to change and regularly gets displayed on the website.
  • All the positions created under Intraday/Margin Product shall be squared off though system at the designated square-off time, if not already squared off by the client.
  • If you wish, positions created under Margin/ Intraday Product can be converted to Delivery/Carry forward and vice versa, any time before the prescribed auto square-off time, subject to availability of required margin.
How can I modify my orders?
  You can modify pending (unexecuted) order by accessing the order book page and clicking on ‘Action then - Modify Order’ against the order which you wish to modify.
How can I cancel my order into the system?
  Yes, you can cancel an order any time before execution. You can do this by accessing the Order Book page and clicking on the ‘Action then - Cancel Order’ against the order which you wish to cancel. In case the order is already partly executed, only the unexecuted portion of the order can be cancelled.
What are the controls Religare had placed in system to avoid error trade by me during online trading?
  In order to control trading losses that may arise due to error punching various checks & controls have been implemented in the trading system like maximum single order quantity, maximum single order value, scrip wise maximum value limits, intrinsic value filter for options selling.

If you need to place any order above the system limits, you can contact your relationship manager for further arrangement..
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