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FAQs - Pool Account

What is a pool account?
  A pool account is a settlement account of broker / exchange member from where broker deliver securities / commodities to exchange’s clearing corporation against pay-in obligation and receive payout of securities from clearing corporation.

It’s an intermediary account between exchange’s clearing corporation and client to settle delivery trades.

Pool Account Number of RELIGARE BROKING LIMITED are:
NSE IN558537 1203020000000039 ,
1203020000031889 (SLBS)
BSE IN630043 1203020000000062 (Normal Pay-in)
1203020000000081 (Normal Pay-out)
1203020000031802 (SLBS Pay-in)
1203020000031762 (SLBS Pay-out)
MCX – SX IN471915 1203020000093441
NSE MFSS IN565576 1100001100017837
Is there any difference between a margin account and a pool account?
  In a margin account securities are being delivered by client to fulfill margin obligation.

In a pool account securities are being delivered by client to fulfill delivery obligation of the securities sold by client.
Can I transfer shares to a pool account directly?
  Yes, you can transfer shares from your registered depository account by submitting Delivery instruction slip to your depository participant.
What if I transfer shares to margin account instead of pool account against my trading obligations?
  In case you transfer the securities / delivery prior to one business day of settlement date, broker can mark the delivery to pool account on your behalf to meet out trading obligation by debiting your trading margin account.
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