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FAQs - Power of Attorney

What is the use of Power of Attorney? Why it is termed as Limited Purpose Power of Attorney?
  Limited Purpose Power of attorney on depository account in favor of Religare Broking Ltd helps in following:
  • Auto transfer of securities (without Delivery instruction slip ) in case of delivery obligation or margin obligations.
  • In applying various products like Mutual Funds, IPO’s pursuant to the instructions of client through online.
  • Trading limits against securities lying in POA based depository account.
The purpose of power of attorney is to act on behalf of client and limit the right of broker/attorney to utilize the same only for discharging customer’s trading obligation, hence it is termed as Limited Purpose Power of Attorney.
Can I withdraw power of attorney in my depository account?
  Yes, you can submit a request in writing to any of the nearest branch to withdraw power of attorney in your depository account.
I haven’t applied for power of attorney during account activation, how can I request and register Power of Attorney in favour of broker for auto payin?
  You can submit a request duly filling the prescribed application form (available at your nearest branch) along with an executed copy of power of attorney to avail the benefit of auto pay-in.
Can I given power of attorney in my depository account to a third party?
  Yes, you may opt for third party power of attorney, however the same should have prescribed clauses as defined under depository guidelines.
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