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FAQs - Settlement

What is a settlement cycle?
  Normally in any trading, there is a fixed time period as per contract for the settlement of trades as per terms of contract. This time period is termed as Settlement Cycle.

In India, currently for trading in equity rolling market settlements are being followed wherein each trading is considered as trading period and trades executed during the day are settled based on the net obligations for the day.

For equity trades : Currently all trades are settled on T+2 settlement cycle.

For derivatives/currency/commodities: Currently all trades are being mark to market at the closing price of contract and mark to market requirement are settled at T+1.
How will I know any change in settlement cycle?
  Exchange(s) notify the change of settlement cycle that may happen due to any trading/banking holiday.
What is the meaning of Running account settlement? What is the frequency of running account settlement?
  You can maintain a running trading account to avoid daily fund transaction movements, however the stated running account need to be settled once in a calendar quarter or month as per your mandate selected at the time of account opening.

This settlement of running account (ledger/ margin) is termed as Running account settlement.
How can I request for change of frequency of running account settlement?
  You can submit the request in prescribed format in writing to your nearest branch to change the frequency from available option of monthly/ quarterly.
What is the minimum balance broker will maintain before releasing my funds under running account settlement?
  Broker retain Rs. 10,000/- as minimum balance before releasing all balance funds under Running account settlement.
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