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FAQs - Stock

What are the various ways of transferring stock to broker to meet out sale obligations?
  • You can fill-in the transfer details as Market Trades in your delivery instruction slip of depository and submit the request for transfer of securities.
  • You can provide a Limited Purpose Power of Attorney to your broker for debiting your depository account and transfer the securities to Broker’s pool account.
  • In case you had deposited your security as margin to broker and sold the securities, broker will transfer the stock to meet out sale obligation.
How can I avail auto pay –in/ pay – out facility for stock obligation settlement?
  You can opt for a Limited Purpose Power of Attorney and appoint your broker as your attorney in your depository account for transferring securities to Broker’s pool account to meet out stock obligation.
How can I request for release of stock deposited in margin account?
  Stocks lying in margin account with broker can be requested for release to registered depository account by placing a request to your relationship manager. Securities will be released within 24 business hours of the request subject to availability of sufficient margin as per the trading policy of Religare.

In case you had linked a POA Depository account, all stock from margin account will be transferred to your registered POA depository account even if you had registered multiple depository account.
What is a POA Stock?
  In case you had opted for Limited Purpose Power of Attorney, broker will show the stock available in your depository account as “POA Stock” in the stock report.

You can also avail margin benefit against POA stock for trading further.
What is the difference between a POA Stock and Margin Stock/ Stock in margin?
  POA Stock lies within customer’s own beneficiary depository account.

Margin Stock lies with broker’s beneficiary depository account.

Dividend in POA stock gets transferred automatically to the customer’s registered bank account (with depository) and other corporate action gets credited/notified directly.

Dividend on Margin Stock gets credited by broker to customer’s trading ledger on receipt basis. Other corporate actions are being notified to customer through broker’s website www.religareonline.com
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