Demat Account Guide

What is NSDL

Investing in the stock market is one of the most popular options among people who want to gain stable returns with managed risks. However, the stock market involves several key participants that are working together to conduct millions of trades daily.

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Minor Demat Account – Meaning, Process & Benefits

The number of investors in India is continuously increasing. With the rise of online trading, more retail investors have emerged in India over the years.

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Types of Demat Accounts

Before comprehending the types of Demat accounts, let us first discuss what a demat account actually is. A Demat account is a digital repository used to hold and manage various financial securities….

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What is DDPI

We all know that a Demat account is used to hold securities in India. When you buy securities via a trading account, they are held within a Demat account. Similarly, securities are withdrawn from a Demat account when you decide to sell them…..

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What is Collateral

In finance, the term collateral often comes into the picture, particularly when discussing loans or other forms of credit. Simply put, collateral is an asset that a borrower offers to a lender as security for a loan……

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What are Bonus Shares?

In the evolving landscape of the Indian stock market, the term bonus shares often catch the attention of investors. But what does it exactly mean, and why is it significant? ……

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Open a Demat & Trading Account