Understanding the Significance of the NIFTY Healthcare Index

Thematic indices allow investors to make informed investments in different sectors. NIFTY Healthcare is a popular index in the Indian stock market. Since the healthcare sector is constantly evolving in India, many investors are attracted to this index. One can check how healthcare sector companies perform with the NIFTY Healthcare index. Read on to understand more about it.

What is NIFTY Healthcare?

NIFTY Healthcare is a thematic market index on the NSE (National Stock Exchange), along with other NIFTY indices. It tracks the performance of the healthcare sector in India and allows investors to make informed decisions. It consists of stocks of the top 20 healthcare companies in India. It includes companies from healthcare and related sectors like pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and medical equipment.

Nifty Healthcare It is a relatively new thematic index operated by the NSE. Launched on the 18th of November 2020, the current value of the index is 10,372.10 (as of 26 December 2023). The index has a base date of 1st April 2005 to calculate future values. The index has a base value of 1000, which is also used to calculate the future values.

It captures the performance of the entire healthcare sector in the country, as it includes the top companies with the highest market cap. You can tell the state of the healthcare sector by looking at the value of the index. NSE and its sub-committees manage the index together. It is reconstituted semi-annually to include those stocks that meeting the eligibility criteria.

How is NIFTY Healthcare Calculated?

All 20 stocks are weighted regularly to calculate the real-time value. Also, these stocks are weighted based on the free-float market cap (capped) relative to the base market cap. However, stocks must fulfil some conditions before being included in the index . The weightage of each stock is different in the index, as some might contribute more than others. However, the weightage of a single stock in the index is capped at 33%. Here’s the formula to calculate the index’s value:

NIFTY Healthcare Index Value = Index market cap / (base free-float market cap * 1000)

In the above formula, 1000 is the base value of the NIFTY Healthcare Iindex.

How are Stocks Selected for Inclusion in NIFTY Healthcare?

Stocks need to meet cCertain conditions for exist for stocks to be inclusionded in the NIFTY Healthcare Iindex. For starters, a stock must be listed on the NSE and a part of the NIFTY 500 Iindex . It is crucial to note that companies in the healthcare and related sectors are selected for the index, as implied by its name. The When eligible stocks fall below 20, stocks from NIFTY 500 are selected based on the average free-float market cap.

Stocks of newly listed companies are only included when their free-float market cap is at least 1.5 times the smallest constituent of the index. Also, the weightage of a single stock and the top three stocks cannot go beyond 33% and 62%, respectively. The constituents are restructured regularly based on who meets the eligibility conditions.

How to Invest in NIFTY Healthcare Index?

Similar to any other index, you cannot invest directly in this index. The index is only a value or metric used to gauge the performance of the healthcare sector. Investors use the index to make informed investments in this sector. However, you can replicate it by purchasing stocks of all constituents. A better option is choosing an index mutual fund or an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) scheme that tracks its performance. You can also find financial derivatives on NSE based on it. Futures and Ooptions are available in the market whose value is derived based on the Iindex.

How is NIFTY Healthcare Different from the NIFTY Pharma Index?

NIFTY Healthcare is a broader thematic index that includes pharmaceutical companies. On the other hand, NIFTY Pharma is a restricted index that captures the performance of top pharmaceutical manufacturers in India. While NIFTY Healthcare has 30 constituents, the NIFTY Pharma index has only 10 participants. Constituents of the healthcare index can be from the healthcare and related sectors. On the other hand, NIFTY Pharma can include only pharmaceutical companies. There is also a difference between the values of these two thematic indices. While this index is over 10,000, the NIFTY Pharma Iindex has already crossed the 16,000 mark. However, investors can use both indices together to make better decisions.

What is the Objective of NIFTY Healthcare?

It assists investors in the healthcare sector in India. It represents the overall performance of the healthcare and associated sectors. Not to forget, it is also essential for AMCs and ETF providers. These fund houses track its performance to create exciting financial products for investors. You can find mutual funds , ETFs, and other collective investment schemes based on it.

In a Nutshell

NIFTY Healthcare is an important thematic index for investment research. You can understand the performance of the entire healthcare sector in India by looking at the index value. You can also find mutual funds, ETFs, futures, and options associated with this index. It is crucial to note that you cannot invest directly in the index, as it is used for investment research. Search for financial products associated with the NIFTY Healthcare Iindex now!

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